Malta Pride 2017 – Allied Rainbow Communities

9 Sep 2017 - 16:00

Malta Pride is an annual event focused on celebrating our LGBTIQ+ community, honoring the work and progress that we have made, and acknowledging the issues we must come together and address as one unified community of LGBTQ+ people and allies. This year Malta Pride will celebrate the newly enacted Marriage Equality

Bill and Malta’s number 1 ranking as the most LGBTIQ friendly country in Europe (ILGA Rainbow Index). Malta Pride will also raise awareness to improve and tackle LGBTIQ Health related issues.

Malta Pride Celebrations 2017 begins at 4:00 PM on 9 th September in Valletta,which includes a parade followed by an open air free street party and concert with the participation of floats, dancers, street performers and several other attractions. We invite you to join us as a partner by:

– Walking in the parade and carrying your organisation’s banner

– Encouraging members of your organisation to attend

– Promoting Malta Pride through your networks, newsletters, and social media

To discuss how your organisation can be involved with Pride contact Joshua

Johnson by email at 9972 9713 or by email at To learn more about Malta Pride visit