Voluntary Organisations Training Initiatives Scheme Priority 2

PART I. Individual and Voluntary Organisation Identification

Name and Surname of the Applicant
I.D. Card no.
Home Address
Home Tel. no.
Mobile no.
Email address
Date of Birth
Name of the Voluntary Organisation (VO)
VO Enrolment Number
How long have you been involved with this Voluntary Organisation?
What is your role within this Voluntary Organisation?

PART II. Training Programme Information

Title of Training Programme
Location of Training Programme
Organisation providing the Training Programme
Brief description of the Training Programme

Duration of the training programme

Please indicate the total duration of the training programme excluding travelling days.
Start date of the programme
End date of the programme

PART III. Other Information

What is your motivation for taking part in this training?
How is the training programme related to the work of the voluntary organisation in which one is active or related to volunteering in general?
List any experience in the field in which training is sought.
Specify your competence to participate in the particular training.
Is this training innovative locally? Explain
What potential reach will the person undertaking training have?
How will the VO benefit from the training?
How will the VO Sector in general benefit from the training?
How will the Community benefit from the training?

PART IV. Budget (all items in €)

A. Activity Costs

Please state clearly all types of estimated expenses linked to the project: material, equipment, venue, etc;

B. Organisation of Activity Costs

Estimated expenses linked to the organisation of activities (promotion, advertisement, rental costs, fees paid to external service providers (*) etc);
External Service Providers (*)
Administration Costs
(Up to a maximum of 10% of the Activity costs)

C. Other Costs

Total Direct Costs

Indirect Costs

Other estimated expenses directly linked with the project implementation (local transports, postage, photocopying etc)

Grand Total

* external service providers are persons rendering a service to the organisation who are not members of the applicant organisation.