Ghaqda Abbatini Karmelitani Fgura

Our aim is to engage children and youths in all sorts of activities, be them religious, educational, social and recreational activities. This organisation is led by the local Parish Priest who, together with a group of 6 dedicated teenagers, takes care of those children who choose to become altarboys and hence give religious service on the altar. This organisation is open to every boy who has received his first Holy Communion. This organisation currently consists of 40 altarboys in total, aged from 7 to 19. Every Saturday morning, after the 8:30am mass, we gather everyone together and organise various games and fun activities for everyone. After this, 2 separate meetings are held for the young altarboys and then for the older ones, in which we discuss various themes (Humanity, Spirituality, Liturgy and Carmelite). Throughout the year, we invite various speakers to speak to us altarboys. Other activities such as BBQs, Hikes, Football Tournaments with other altarboy organisations in different localities, Parties, Site-Visits, a Live-In in October, a holiday in Gozo in August, Gozo-by-Night, going swimming in summer, watching films together etc. are held. Some of these activities are open to everyone and are a great way of giving our young adults the opportunity to engage in friendships, self-understanding, responsibility and discipline. We are frequently invited to give service in other localities. Apart from this, a Holy Week Exhibition is organised by the organisation itself every year and in December, a party is held in which a gift is given to each and every altarboy in recognition of his service. Those who wish to join us are free to do so and are kindly asked to speak to the Parish Priest or to one of the older altarboys. Help is offered to new members to help them feel at ease, make new friends quickly and to achieve the knowledge required to carry out Liturgical Service on the altar.

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Kunvent tal-Karmelitani Triq il-Karmelitani

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Malta / Ghawdex


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Jonathan Mizzi



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