Gozo Gymnastics Association

The Association’s main aims and objectives are the following:
a) To promote the sport discipline of gymnastics in Gozo among children and young persons.
b) To give a positive experience to kids and young persons in a new sports
c) To provide safe and enjoyable gymnastics activities in accordance with the guidelines and regulations of the Gozo Sports Board, Kunsill Malti Għall-iSports (KMS) and British Gymnastics.
d) British Gymnastics to which the association is affiliated.
e) To develop in the participants a strong physical and mental foundation for other athletic endeavors and a lifetime of general fitness
f) To encourage children with the skills and desire to participate in competitive gymnastics events, through the establishment of squad training sessions specifically tailored to meet their needs.
g) To foster friendly relations amongst officials and other administrators of the Gozo Gymnastics Association and those of its Members as well as between registered athletes, and licensed coaches.
h) To promote the involvement of older gymnasts/helpers/parents in gymnastics coaching and judging by providing mentor coaching and judging.
i) To encourage children to have a greater self-awareness, social skills and confidence through participation and gymnastics games and activities, development programmes and body aware schemes.
j) To prevent all sorts of discrimination as to politics, gender, religion or race within the Association as well as within its Members.
k) To protect the joint interests of its Members and to settle disputes between its Members and registered athletes.
l) To ensure that the association operates a zero tolerance policy on bullying and that any incident will be dealt with appropriately by the coaches/parents/committee.
m) To ensure that all members are aware of club activities and events by a Facebook page of our association.
n) To prevent the introduction of improper methods or practices in the sport, to protect it from abuse and to punish those found guilty of having used improper methods or practices.
o) To own and/or administer and/or manage sports facilities and/or other property needed to achieve its objectives.
p) To enter into any agreement and/or any kind of partnership with other parties for the promotion and the development of gymnastics or sports in general both locally and abroad.
q) To manage and invest the monies and the other assets of the Association in an appropriate manner as it may determine;
r) To borrow and raise monies as it may determine.
s) To disseminate information about its activities.

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