Dr. Corinne Wood

Corinne Wood has been involved in voluntary work since 1990 where, as a teenager, she was a member of the Angel Fish; supporting disabled children at swimming.
She volunteered with Dr Klown as one of the first group of clown doctors in 2011.
She then became a representative for the clown doctors on the executive committee. Although not active as a clown doctor today, she is currently Operations Officer and Secretary within the same organisation .

A medical doctor by profession, having graduated from the University of Malta in 1992 ,she currently works at a med- aesthetic clinic.

Corinne strongly encourages others to be active in the voluntary work sector – not only as it so rewarding and fulfilling, but it also helps to explore and discover one’s potential; providing the tools and experience to face life’s challenges.

She has 5 children- Lisa, Philip, Gavin, Sean and Kian Schranz.