Dr. Corinne Wood

Corinne Wood is a mother of five,  medical doctor.  She has been involved in voluntary work since 1990 where, as a teenager, she was a member of the Angel Fish; supporting disabled children at swimming.

She volunteered with Dr Klown as one of the first group of clown doctors in 2011.

She then became a representative for the clown doctors on the executive committee. Although not active as a doctor clown today, she is currently Vice President and Operations Officer. 

Corinne strongly encourages others to be active in the voluntary work sector – not only as it so rewarding but it also helps to fulfill one’s potential and provides the tools and experience to face life challenges.  Meeting altruistic people who share the same ideals is also a bonus for anyone who works as a volunteer.

Contact Details

Email: corinne.wood@maltacvs.org