Mr. Felix Farrugia

Mr Felix Farrugia has been a Volunteer with The Malta Rabbit Club – Since 1963, for the past 22 years and President of the same VO for the last 7 years.

Over the years, he has held various roles within the VO, being Logbook Keeper, Cup Steward, Show Manager and Vice President. His long service within the Club has brought many challenging changes towards the enhancement of animal welfare, in my case rabbits. His services within the VO spread from Club work to house visits for pet rabbits, rescue of rabbits, education talks, rabbit petting therapy sessions and also ongoing research to help develop further the hobby. Being the President of the Club, he signed projects with the Ministry Of Education, offering hands-on practise-teaching in favour of rabbits’ health care. Such projects are supported by the Ministry of Education, MCAST College, schools and Special Centres. He also helped with Rabbit Herb Garden project within the precincts of The Petting Farm, to help with natural curing instead of using medicines.