Mr. Saviour Grech

During his career, Mr Saviour Grech participated in the workings of several seminars, conferences, and in-service training courses in the UK, Lithuania, Romania, and Sweden organised under the auspices of the Council of Europe. These courses dealt with subjects such as Teaching of Science, Environmental matters, European Citizenship, National Minimum Curriculum matters, and Ethnicity. Mr Saviour Grech worked with a Pan-European team at the EU Commission, EAC DG as a Civil Service Stagaire in 2001 and during his 26-month stint at the European Parliament.

As an educator and as a member of the Malta Socrates Coordinating Committee Mr Saviour Grech worked and still working with other European educators in several Socrates/Comenius School Education Projects (School Development, Language and School Projects) as well as in Comenius Network projects. As a member of the Malta Socrates Coordinating Committee Mr Saviour Grech attended for and Conferences, Seminars and National Agencies Meetings in Brussels and Florence.

As the founding member and Secretary-General of the Malta Section of the European Association of Teachers (AEDE) Mr Saviour Grech worked with AEDE officials from other European countries in the promotion of European matters mainly in the Education Sector. Mr Saviour Grech attended for AEDE European Committee meetings in Brussels and the 2001 AEDE Congress held in the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain, and the 2008 AEDE Congress held Ostuni, Italy.

As Malta’s eSchola Liaison Mr Saviour Grech worked with the European Team at the European SchoolNet (EUN) and other European National Liaisons in the promotion and actualization of the eSchola activities for the period 2001 – 2003. Mr Saviour Grech was involved in the organisation of several international events/conferences in Gozo.

Sector: Gozo

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