Improving AAC use for mothers and siblings of children with communication disabilities – Association of Speech-Language Pathologists

28 Sep 2021 - 18:00

October is AAC awareness month so what better way to kick off our CPDs by creating more awareness around this challenging topic.  As therapists, carers and educators we are well aware that for children and adults the inability to effectively communicate may lead to frustration, anxiety and /or reduced self confidence. We invite you to celebrate with us and help increase awareness around October,  International AAC Awareness month.

Description: Siblings are essential communication partners within the family support system with longest-lasting relationships within a family structure (Howe et al., 2015). However, there is limited research about the inter-relationships between mothers, siblings, and children with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) who benefit from augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). This thesis explores the communicative interactions between mothers, siblings and children with IDD who use AAC to support their comprehension and expression of spoken language (Ganz et al. 2014). Ms. Marica Gatt will be sharing her research with us as well as discussing Implications and recommendations for further research and for improving the social interactions of siblings and the focal child within the home environment. By the end of this webinar attendees will appreciate the role of siblings as part of an AAC intervention program in the home.  The last part of the webinar will focus on Ms. Gatt’s personal journey as a mother of a child that uses a multi modal means of communication.

Presenter: Ms. Marica Gatt B.Ed Hon, M.Sc Manch.

Bio: Ms. Marica Gatt is PhD Candidate at Tizard Centre UK. She is Head of School San Miguel Primary Education Resource Centre and a visiting lecturer at the University of Malta.  Ms. Gatt has presented her research locally and internationally including the UK, Greece and Canada.


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