International Conference on Bioethics and Disability

5 May 2022 - 08:45


May I kindly bring to your attention an International Conference on Bioethics and Disability entitled Bioethics and the paradox of appearances: Fragility, dependence, disability in the various stages of life. This conference will bring together 50 speakers from Malta, Italy, France, Switzerland, Morocco, Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Canada and will be held online, via video-conferencing from 5 to 8 May 2022. Participants will be able to choose whether to follow the papers in English or Italian.


It is no secret that bioethics and disability studies have evolved to be deeply suspicious of each other. This conference aims to offer an opportunity for dialogue between the two, by opening a window on the world of frailty and disability in its complex and varied forms. One hopes that the numerous speakers, from different academic backgrounds and from different renowned institutions around the world, may contribute to a deeper reflection on what it means to be human as they reflect on the great questions of human life: illness and disease, fragility and vulnerability, the adventure of a shared human life empowered by the virtues of courage, resilience, commitment and advocacy. Their varied contributions will contribute to a better understanding of being-in-the-world, including health, social care, politics, economics, and ethics, and therefore to a better comprehension of bioethics as the ethics of life.


The programme may be accessed from the links below, and a short biographical note of the speakers is also available.


This conference is directed to all health care professionals and people involved in health care or health management, and to those interested in disability studies as well as bioethics in general. It is being organised by the Professional Ethics Platform within the Department of Moral Theology (University of Malta), with the expert collaboration of Pietro Grassi as scientific advisor. The Department of Disability Studies is also participating in this Conference.


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