(UN)SILENCED – Exhibition – St Jeanne Antide Foundation

16 Jun 2022 - 00:00

(UN)SILENCED – an exhibition which the public can visit at APS Bank plc headoffice in Swatar. (Un)silenced is an intimate exploration of the unsaid, the repressed and the unheard. It is a commentary on the lived experiences of those women whose identities have been eroded by narcissistic abuse and whose mental health has been ravaged by the toxic osmosis of being in the presence of a narcissist. Yet it is also a reflection on the healing power of art and writing, and their role in reclaiming muted voices. It is a celebration of self-determination, of solidarity and, ultimately, of liberation. This project is the result of a partnership between St Jeanne Antide Foundation and APS Bank.    More information is available via the following link: