Olive Oil Institute

MISSION STATEMENT OF THE ASSOCIATION   The mission of the Olive Oil Association shall be based on the social purpose of:   (a)     education on the nutrition, health and wellness benefits of olive oil and olive products; (b)     the advancement of healthy living through the use of the Mediterranean Diet; (c)      the protection […]

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Learning Unit Malta

The aims of Learning Unit Malta shall be: 1. to bring positive social impact in the education of younger generations through research, innovation and training design that is aimed at enrichment and personal development, 2. to participate in exploratory routes into the use of the right media, avenues and virtual/physical environments to foster learning for […]

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Fondazzjoni Sagħtar

Fondazzjoni Sagħtar is a social purpose foundation and the main purpose for its establishment is to enhance the advancement of education, which includes the following purposes and objectives:– to contribute towards the enhancement of the professional role of educators and the advancement of students;– to provide opportunities for the professional growth of educators;– to undertake […]

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