MCVS Web Services for VO’s Application Form

    The Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector invite Voluntary Organisations to send their events, activities and training information to be included in the MCVS Web Site. These can be uploaded on the Latest Posts, Web Calendar and the Advert Banner. The information may also be sent to over 1200 VO’s through the Mass Mailing System. Details of Organisation:
    Enrolled with the Commissioner for VO’sNot enrolled with the Commissioner for VO’sPrivate entity/company
    VO NO. (if enrolled)

    Indicate Type of promotion requested: Web CalendarLatest PostAdvert BannerMass Mailing * MCVS reserves the right to refuse or change the type of promotion request at its discretion
    Details of Activity
    Name of Activity:
    Address where activity is taking place:
    Date of Activity:
    Time of Activity:
    Please give a brief description of the activity. (not more than 200 words)
    Service Enrolled VO Non-Enrolled VO Commercial
    Mass Mailing FREE €20 (per item) €50 (per item)
    Latest Posts FREE FREE €25 (per item)
    Web Calendar FREE FREE €25 (per item)
    Advert Banner €25 (for 1 week) €35 (for 1 week) €50 (for 1 week)
    Include any poster of the activity with this application preferably in jpeg format.

    Other documents

    For more information contact MCVS on tel: 2248 1110 or e-mail: