Promoting Social Innovation and Social Enterprise

On 21st November 2019 from 09.00 to 17.00 a Training event will be held at the MCVS Hub Valletta Malta;

The Target Audience is Hub Administrators, Hub Mentors and Voluntary Organisations Representatives.

The speakers
Two guest speakers will facilitate the training on Social Innovation and Social Enterprise. These are Ms Claire Carpenter and Mr Daniele Fantechi. Dr Roberta Lepre will tackle the proposed Social Enterprise Act.

Claire founded The Melting Pot – Scotland’s Center for Social Innovation – one of the world’s’ first co-working spaces, back in 2005, by leading a grassroots group to create a innovative new type of resource base for a niche audience and establishing it as a social enterprise. Claire tours internationally providing a range of inputs on subjects including quality co-working, leadership, social enterprise development, and incubating social change.

Daniele is specialised in management consultancy particularly for cooperatives and not for profit organisations. Daniele has a lot of experience in helping to set up social enterprise organisations in Italy. He also has a lot experience of working with various cooperatives in Malta.

Roberta, a lawyer by profession with experience in general civil and commercial law, set up Weave Consulting in 2007, as a boutique firm originally focusing on equality and diversity. Over the years, and following successful completion of various projects, Weave Consulting evolved to offer CSR services, particularly CSR audits to forward thinking companies.

Social Innovation
The day will kick off with a session on Social Innovation – the context of our work. Ms Claire Carpenter from the Melting Pot Edinburgh will tackle aspects of What is ‘Social Innovation’? She will then provide practical examples from across the 3rd Sector especially the ones that are innovative and in Europe.
Following the introduction, Claire will lead the participants to explore how Social Innovation can be encouraged, developed and promoted here in Malta and by our 3rd sector. She will provide some insights from other countries ecosystems whereby The Melting Pot will be used as an example, addressing the Social Innovation ecosystem around Scotland / UK, NESTA.  Small group discussions will be held to see how Social Innovation can be encouraged, developed and promoted in Malta.

Social Enterprise Act
Dr Roberta Lepre will make a presentation and lead a Focus Group on the Social Enterprise Act Whitepaper. MCVS, is currently drafting a position paper and moving a number of suggestions for the formulation of the Social Enterprise Act (SEA). Over this past year MCVS has conducted discussions with various Voluntary Organisations and following such discussions, MCVS drafted further suggestions for the SEA. A survey is currently being conducted on a number of Voluntary Organisations, representing the different sectors, in order to sound out the suggestions that are being proposed for the new SEA. Roberta will then highlight the key suggestions being proposed for the Social Enterprise Act and will facilitate a final discussion for any further suggestions.

Social Enterprise
Danele Fantechi will address Social Enterprise – relevance and distinctive elements. He will address the relevance of the not for profit sector in the economy; the distinctive elements of not for profit organisations; Government support to not for profit sector: incentives and policies (Public Procurement reserved contracts – specific incentives – commercial activities and not for profit organisations; and Business Support to not for profit sector: from CSR to high impact policies

A group discussion will be held to discuss what could be adapted in Malta.

Social Enterprise as a form of delivery model for Social Innovation will also be addressed by Claire Carpenter, focusing on the true definition of ‘Social Enterprise’ and what makes it an important vehicle for delivering Social Innovation.  Once again, she will provide various best practices from European Voluntary Organisations that focused on Social Enterprise, as well as implemented Social Enterprise models that leads to a significant Social Impact. She will also pinpoint the different types of support that exist in other countries for Social Enterprise to be enhanced, such as Start-up funding schemes, Rewarding social enterprise exploration projects, social enterprise act/ policy. Her session will be followed by case studies, with special attention given to start-up grassroots Social Enterprise Developments.
Claire will also share a model called Developing ‘Good Ideas’ used for the Incubation of new Social Innovation. Good Ideas is a 9-month ideation and incubation programme which helps people turn their ideas for social change into reality. She will provide an introduction to Good Ideas including why it’s needed, what the process is, how it is delivered, and case studies / examples of new socially innovative organisations that have come through the programme.

Promoting Social Innovation and Social Enterprise

A group discussion will be held to discuss the following aspects:

  • In Malta, what journey can aid in the development of a social enterprise? – the initial steps
  • How do we currently build the capacity and confidence for Social Entrepreneurs to develop their social ventures?
  • How can we promote Social Enterprise?

The ENISIE online platform
Mr Michelle Spalletta from Tree, a partner in the ENISIE Project, will present the ENISIE online platform.


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The event is part of an Interreg project called ENISIE 

The event is FREE of charge

Coffee breaks and lunch are provided 

The event is not open to the public and participation is by invitation only.