KA2 European Grand Tour Erasmus Project

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Collective for a European Civic Service

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Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector


Aims of the Project:

‘European Grand Tour’ is a KA2 partnership project which had 3 main objectives:

  1. Create a volunteer Quality Guide (Target: NGOs – Volunteers) 

    The aim was to develop a booklet with methods and content, adapted in particular to favour the inclusion of YOUNG PEOPLE WITH FEWER OPPORTUNITIES, to ensure the highest possible quality of volunteering. 
  2. Create a documentary film about learning to live as a volunteer in another Member State (Target: General Public – Volunteers)

    The aim was to inform about the possibilities, modalities, obstacles of existing mobility and volunteering programmes, in an innovative format, which is a video documentary, featuring only young volunteers who are currently on mission or who have lived through our programmes. 
  3. Create a guide on the dissemination of civic service in Member States where it does not exist and for good practices in this field. (Target: public policy makers)  

    The guide is intended to report on the results of the pilot projects that have been initiated, but also in general to highlight the positive effects of Civic Service with statistics data and socio-economic quality and impact studies, collected from all the volunteers and partner missions.

Results of the Project:

  1. Quality Volunteering Guide: https://service-civique-europeen.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/KA2-EGT-Quality-Volunteering-Guide.pdf

This cooperation was initiated after a successful experimentation of a unique mechanism entwining national civic service and the European Solidarity Corps to reach more inclusion in European Mobility. It was launched with Unis Cité in 2020, in Metz, France. Unis Cité is considered to be the leading association that started the national program in France (125 000 full time youth volunteers a year up to date), and then expanded, notably to the partners of Erasmus KA2. This event inspired the main youth announcement of the French Presidency of the Council of the Union 2022. The aim is not only to spread and promote national civic service in other countries of Europe (another key result of our cooperation), but widen the opportunities brought already through any kind of volunteering, such as the European Solidarity Corps, with a specific focus on inclusion. Hopefully this reading will equip you with the necessary ground experience, tools and processes to enable you to engage more in hosting volunteers, ensuring both their well-being and benefiting society in a greater way than before. Even a slight progress regarding this matter will make us proud of the achievements of these partnerships, as volunteering and especially European Mobility volunteering and civic engagement change each year the lives of thousands of young people, shaping thus the future of the continent; a figure that we hope to contribute to grow.

  1. Video Documentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3nLaOcsdVE

The experience of our Erasmus+ strategic partnership project is contained in this short film, which we are pleased to share with you all! A documentary dedicated to all young volunteers, associations and those interested in this field. You will find the story of the organisations that took part in the project, an overview of possible national and European volunteering missions but also our thoughts on its new challenges. This is to inform, inspire and push towards a life-changing experience. Enjoy! 

  1. Dissemination Guide: https://service-civique-europeen.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/KA2-EGT-DISSEMINATION-GUIDE-OF-CIVIC-SERVICE.pdf

This document consists of a report of the efforts we all led, through the Network of the Collective for European Civic Service, and more especially partners within this Erasmus Key Action 2 Cooperation “European Grand Tour” to help disseminating fully developed national civic service in more Member States It provides such example, applied in real life by partners through NGO level pilot scheme that should be transformed in actual national policies. It inspires also by reflecting beyond what was tested on what could be eventually.

  1. Online Catalogue of National and European Volunteer Missions: https://service-civique-europeen.com/enga…/do-your-sce/…

This comprehensive list of national civic services and the European Solidarity Corps missions is enriched and updated daily by a network of 50 NGOs that share the values of inclusiveness and breaking down barriers to accessibility of volunteering experiences. Young volunteers will have the opportunity to apply and be supported in their search for national and European opportunities. An evolution of work started two years ago, now possible thanks to funding from the French National Youth Agency that made it permanent.