National Volunteer Award – Hall of Fame

The National Volunteer Award, an initiative by the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector (MCVS), is awarded to individual volunteers and entities who have contributed in any field, such as social, humanitarian, health, ecological, cultural, education, sports, etc. The voluntary work had a positive contribution towards a particular field and has served as an inspiration to others.

The Award was officially launched for the first time in 2011 and its aim is to give broad recognition to the service done by the volunteers and Voluntary Organisations within the community, create awareness of the exemplary values displayed by the volunteers and organisations with the goal of locating role models for youth and wider society; and to recognize the important contributions made in various fields.

Here is a comprehensive list of the winners of this award throughout the years:

National Volunteer Award:
1st Place: Joseph Mifsud (Mission Fund)
Joint 2nd Place: Helen Muscat (Action for Breast Cancer), and
Miriam Bonnici (National Parents Society for Persons with Disability & Malta Society of the Blind)
3rd Place: John L. Peel (National Parents Society for Persons with Disability)

National Volunteer Award:
1st Place: Christopher Borg Cardona (St. John Rescue Corps, Malta)
2nd Place: Philip Michael Chircop (Pensioner’s Association)
3rd Place: Rosalind Agius (Association of Abandoned Animals)

National Volunteer Award:
1st Place: Sylvia Ebejer (Mission Fund)
2nd Place: Jessie Ebejer (St. Jeanne Antide Foundation)
3rd Place: Joe Cilia (Hospice Malta)

National Volunteer Award: Gemma Sirol (St John Ambulance)
Youth Volunteer Award: Gabriel Hammet (St John Ambulance)
Voluntary Organisation Award: Hospice Malta
Corporate Volunteering Award: HSBC Malta Bank p.l.c

National Volunteer Award: Alfred Debattista (Transplant Support Group Malta)
Youth Volunteer Award: Roderick Theuma (St. John Rescue Corps)
Volunteer Organisation Award: Malta Red Cross Society
Commendation Award under the Voluntary Organisation Award was given to Reaching Cambodia.

National Volunteer Award: Carmen Muscat (Multiple Sclerosis)
Youth Volunteer Award: Ramon Bonett Sladden (SOS Malta)
Voluntary Organisation Award: Wirt Għawdex
Corporate Award: Mario Cassar Inc Design

National Volunteer Award: Michelle Muscat (The Marigold Foundation)
Youth Volunteer Award: Hayley Buttigieg (Tgħanniqa)
Volunteer Organisation Award: Ċentru Tbexbix
Corporate Volunteering Award: HSBC Bank Malta plc
Special Mentions:
National Volunteer Award: Carol Fenech (Marsaxlokk Aquatic Sports Club) and Louise Bajada (Inspire Foundation)
Youth Volunteer Award: Rachel Portelli (Għaqda Maltija Kontra d-Dijabete)

National Volunteer Award: Marjoe Abela (Malta Girl Guides)
Youth Volunteer Award: Kyle Mifsud (Malta Red Cross)
Volunteer Organisation Award: Dr. Klown
Special Award: George Agius, known as Ġorġ tal-Mużew or Ġorġ l-Għannej tal-Mulej

National Volunteer Award: Maria Louisa Scicluna (OASI Foundation)
Youth Volunteer Award: Gabriella Meli (Malta Girl Guides)
Voluntary Organisation Award: Migrant Offshore Aid Station
Corporate Volunteer Award: Tangiers International Company Limited

National Volunteer Award: Dr George Grech (Dar tal-Providenza)
Youth Volunteer Award: Martina Livori (Home Away from Home)
Volunteer Organisation Award: Ħal Far Outreach Centre
Corporate Volunteer Award: WE Media

National Volunteer Award: Angelique Lofaro (Nature Trust Malta)
Youth Volunteer Award: Ylenia Zammit (The Malta Rabbit Club)
Volunteer Organisation Award: Mosta Cycling Club
Corporate Volunteer Award: EYETECH LTD.

National Volunteer Award: Corinne Farrugia (RMJ Horse Rescue)
Youth Volunteer Award: Tatiana Muscat (Multiple Sclerosis Society Malta)
Victor Calvagna Volunteer Award for Children: Matthew Farrugia (Home Away from Home)
Volunteer Organisation Award: RMJ Horse Rescue
Corporate Volunteer Award: HSBC Malta plc
Special Volunteer Award: Patri Dijonizju Mintoff

National Volunteer Award: Noel Aquilina (Malta Wheelchair Basketball Association)
Youth Volunteer Award: Marius Barbara (Karibu Malta)
Victor Calvagna Volunteer Award for Children: Jake Vella (nominated by the Malta Sports Journalists Association)
Volunteer Organisation Award: Down Syndrome Association Malta
Special Volunteer Award: Fr Hilary Tagliaferro