Volunteer Centres

Volunteering is one of the most important manifestation of social activity and active citizenship, which is becoming even more necessary in an age where traditional community functions may be weakening. To ensure that volunteer organizations are supported in their work, programs and services need to be offered in support of both the organisation as well as the individual volunteer.Motto-of-Volunteer-Centres

The Volunteer Centre will serve primarily to foster and develop volunteerism in the community as a whole as well as support small and medium sized voluntary organisation in their operation. In general it will support four main areas: The promotion of volunteerism, capacity building for effective local volunteering, provide leadership on issues relating to volunteerism, support networking between VOs and connect people, and serve as a base from which small and medium voluntary organisations can operate.

The premises are the responsibility of and owned by the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector and will be run in respect of the surrounding area and the city that would host it. For this purpose the use of environmental friendly measures for the generation of electricity will be introduced. The Centre will also be run in financially viable way with the intention of sustaining its own running.

Services Provided by Volunteer Centres

In addition to housing the offices of the MCVS, the Volunteer Centres are aimed to support Voluntary Organisations. This is done by providing both space and facilities from which such organisations can operate. There are currently three Volunteer Centres in operation, one in the centre of the island (Valletta), one in the north (Rabat), one in Xewkija (Gozo) and a proposed centre for the south.

Facilities Booking

Voluntary Organisation may use the facilities of the Volunteer Centre by contacting MCVS on telephone number 22481110 or by email on mcvs.mivc@gov.mt. The use of the facilities is managed under the established Guidelines for Volunteer Centres 2021 set by MCVS. To apply one must first read, understand and abide by the guidelines and then fill in the one of the booking forms below. In case of choosing the document form (.doc), one must sign, scan and deliver the form by hand or send it by post.