Support to Voluntary Organisations Survey

The scope of this survey is to support the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector evaluate and plan better its support to Voluntary Organisations.

The Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector (MCVS) as the entity representative of the VO Sector under the Voluntary Organisations Act is continuously committed to support the Voluntary Organisations working in the various sectors. In view of both the commitment of MCVS, stated in the National Strategy for Volunteering 2020 – 2025, and the post COVID-19 pandemic reality, MCVS is committed to support Voluntary Organisation overcome the difficulties encountered and move forward. 

This survey is intended to collect essential data in relation to the Voluntary Sector in Malta and Gozo and give MCVS a clear picture of the present situation while addressing the needs to consolidate the present operation, move forward and possibly grow further.  As a result of this survey MCVS will be in a better position support the VOs in these issues by directing better its training and capacity building support; addressing certain issues by better directing funding support; discussing policy issues with Government as per National Strategy for Volunteering; and taking on board recommendations by the Sector.

We appreciate the contribution of the sector, which contribution we encourage not to be anonymous so that MCVS may, if and where required, assist directly any particular organisation. All data and information shall be held in full confidentiality by MCVS.

By compiling the questionnaire, you are giving your consent for the above.