Mr. Jorge Spiteri

Mr Jorge Spiteri is an administrator of the Malta Youth in Agriculture Foundation [MaYa] and the national representative of the Maltese young beekeepers for the International Centre for Young Beekeepers. Since 2013, he started up beekeeping activities in various localities around Malta including public spaces and educational institutions to create awareness about the importance of the honey bees among people of all ages and backgrounds.

Currently, he is an administrator for the MaYA Foundation and the Malta Beekeepers’ Association. He was always at the forefront working on the conservation local honey bee Apis mellifera ruttneri. He is qualified as an Architect and Civil Engineer and a Master of Knowledge based entrepreneurship. He has joined the MCVS in 2020 and have not been contested by others in the elections of 2022.

Sector: Environmental and Animal Welfare Sector

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