bBrave – Workshop for Employees on Bullying and Ostracism at the Workplace

26 Sep 2023 - 09:00

The workshop will cover:

– A definition of workplace bullying and differentiating from other forms of interpersonal conflict.

– Identifying various types of workplace bullying behaviors.

– Education on how to recognise signs and manifestations of workplace bullying, including both overt and subtle behaviors.

– The physical, psychological, and organisational consequences of workplace bullying on bullying targets, bystanders, and the workplace as a whole.

– How to deal with bullying at the workplace and best practices for handling situations. This bBrave project is your chance to contribute towards a campaign to stop bullying at the workplace, and an attempt to make a difference in everybody’s life.

Join us and make a difference! If you would like to participate and need accessibility adaptations, kindly specify in the registration form:

This project is being financed through EU funds (ESF Project Ref: ESF.02.150) This project is being co-financed through local funds (NCF Project Ref: NCF 21.2021)