Behaviours of Concern – Whose behaviour, Whose Concern? Conference – Inspire Foundation

25 May 2023 - 17:00

Behaviours of concern (often referred to as challenging behaviour) represent a serious challenge to the quality of life, equality, and inclusion. There are many parallels with other countries, particularly the UK and the USA, in that individuals and families are frequently excluded from all forms of participation in their communities and often experience mental health treatments that are inappropriate and often harmful.

They frequently endure severely restricted and traumatic lives, on occasion sustaining severe injury or worse. This situation applies at home, at school, and across a range of health and social care settings. We argue that applying evidence-supported, trauma-informed and empathic approaches, that reflect more up-to-date theory, reduces stress in workers and greatly improves well-being. We have evidence of this, which will be presented at the event.

Behaviours of Concern – Whose behaviour, Whose Concern? – Inspire