Malta UNESCO Youth Association – DigiBox3.0

24 Apr 2024 - 00:00

CALL FOR 3 MALTA PARTICIPANTS for Marsaxlokk, MALTA 24 April – 1 May 2024

Marsaxlokk Youth Activity Centre, Malta

Age: 18-30 (leader can be 30+)  Erasmus+ Training Course Project

Title: DIGIBOX 3.0  Host NGO: MUYA – Malta UNESCO Youth Association  Participants who are involved with public relations/ media/ marketing duties To apply, fill in the following participation form:

APPLY BY 6TH APRIL “DIGIBOX 3.0” is a training course which aims to promote the use of digital tools and new media channels to increase operational capacity and effectiveness of youth organisations in the digital era

Course objectives  To discuss the current use of digital tools by organizations and analyze their potential to grow;

To critically look at the threats and opportunities of online media as a discussion forum;

To raise awareness of how digital tools and new media can aid youth work and help to create greater impact of present-day youth activities;

To develop competences of participants to become effective and versatile users of available digital tools.

Food & accommodation 100% FREE€25 participation fee sending organisation + membership fee of €5 for non-members

To apply, fill in the following participation form: