Pensions: Current Legislature and Women in Today's Reality – Business & Professional Women (Valletta) Malta

9 Jun 2023 - 08:30

We keep hearing story after story of women, who as they are approaching retirement age, they are finding themselves close to poverty level as a result of little or no income. We also note the high level of payment gap when it comes to pension (which stood at approx 29% in 2022)
It is time to generate awareness on the real situation, We do take note of the continuous information being put out there, of all the improvements being made to the programs. However most of it does not really reach a number of the women who are directly effected, so we want to put a spotlight on these issues. We also need to put a spotlight on the amount of work that still needs to be done to significantly narrow the gap.
Therefore, the main goal of this conference is to educate and discuss the current legislature, proposed changes and what is still needed to meet the current needs of women who are at or are approaching retirement. We also want to create awareness of what are other options available to supplement retirement funds shortfalls.

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