Richmond Foundations Annual Conference – From Stigma to Strength

21 Nov 2023 - 08:30

Richmond Foundation Annual Conference

21st November 2023 – Villa Arrigo, Naxxar

From Stigma to Strength:

Honoring 30 years of Mental Health Advocacy

By providing various presentations, and discussions, the conference seeks to create an inclusive platform for learning, sharing experiences,

and fostering collaboration within the mental health community. In addition to celebrating the journey from stigma to strength in mental

health advocacy, the Annual Conference 2023 will address the importance of mental health in various sectors, including education, health,

and other workplaces. The conference aims to explore the impact of mental health on these sectors and discuss strategies to promote mental

well-being in each of them. By focusing on these areas, the conference aims to raise awareness and provide practical solutions to create

mentally healthy environments in schools, healthcare settings, and workplaces.

Speakers Bios & Synopsis