Flimkien Missirijiet Inqumu

We empower parental rights, advocate for children’s rights to equal participation in both parents’ lives, prevent and seek redress for the institutional enabling of long-lasting harm on children, and ensure the timely and fair delivery of justice.

We emphasise the vital role that both parents without discrimination play in the healthy nurture of their children. Children deserve and need the love, affection and involvement of both their parents on equal or near-equal terms. Inversely, both parents equally deserve the opportunity to raise and enjoy quality time with their child in all aspects of their lives without discrimination, with imbalanced parenting being the justified exception, not the unjustified rule.
We believe that equal or near-equal shared parenting should be the legal presumption in child custody litigation, especially during lengthy proceedings, and for an imbalanced distribution of length and quality of time to be applied as an exception with evidence-based justification on a case-by-case basis. Moreover, no parent should be allowed to arbitrarily alienate the other parent from the life of their child, and the organisation pledges to actively resist and seek legal redress for such attempts, be such attempts made physically, verbally, emotionally, or through the manipulation and misuse of national institutions. It also pledges to assist and support in whichever way possible the parent being alienated.
In short, the Organisation aims to create a level playing field between parents, disincentivise any form of abuse on their children, and reform current institutional prejudices.
Our principles in order of importance are:
1. The real best interests of the child;
2. The bond between each parent and the child;
3. The bond between both extended families, especially grandparents, and the child;
4. Fair and non-discriminatory application of the law and judicial process in custody cases;
5. Non-discriminatory balance of parental rights and duties;
6. Timely justice and resolution.
Our Mission Statement is: To empower parents, to serve and respect their children, and to strengthen familial bonds.

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