Genista Research Foundation

Genista Foundation had been set up in 2002 , with the aim of coordinating a pioneering project on sustainable farming and biodiversity to demonstrate practical systems in various sectors of farming and other sustainable practices where one is expected to take greater care of our environment and the health of the consumer. The project has also served as an opportunity for further initiatives and practical research in the field of sustainable farming and other related ecological issues by providing technical assistance, courses, educational material and other informational activities. The Foundation is managed by a board of directors and has a number of volunteers and hires experts on specific subjects according to the projects being worked on.

The Genista nature reserve hosts interns and EVS volunteers following the approval of an EU youth in action project in 2012 with an accreditation No: MT-21-10-2012-R2 / 01.

Genista foundation is a Registered centre of Informal Education with the Malta Qualifications Council providing training on organic farming, media, communication, EU affairs and intercultural dialogue working both in Malta and in various other EU and Non EU countries, coordinating and providing training in Palestine, Poland, Turkey, Slovakia, Tunisia, Italy, Norway, France, etc.

Intercultural and social work- GRF over the past years has branched and started working with minority groups namely refugees, social and economic areas and those with fewer abilities due to health issues. We participated as partners in a number of projects and have coordinated projects namely :

ERDF 2007-2013 with Arka foundation Gozo- a home for mentally and physically disabled youths

Europeaid/129-855/L/ACT/PS in Palestine-Celebrating Cultural heritage through participatory videos working with refugee youths

YIA ACTION 1.1 with partner from Belvi Sardengna-Turn off! Reach out! Working with mentally disadvantaged youths

YIA ACTION 4.3 with partner from Kırıkkale-TURKEY- Sport and Art: Two Magic Keys For Disadvantaged Young People To Have a Better Life

YIA Action n 4.6 – ‘Youth Support Systems Partnerships with partner from DIPUTACIÓN DE GRANADA –  EYIN- Education for the Employment of European Youth Immigrant Network


Media and communication: GRF has branched into media and intercultural dialogue where we have successfully managed and organised a number of projects based on EU information and awareness, intercultural issues, social issues and refugees.

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