Good Shepherd Sisters – Dar Merhba Bik Foundation

The Services;
1. Dar Merhba Bik; Provides a Safe, Secure and Therapeutic Emergency Accommodation whilst working with women along with their children who have been; victim of violence, suffering gender-based violence and / or have been experiencing Domestic Violence, in order to help them establish a way of life which best meets their needs and helps them to develop their potential.

Our Objectives are to;
1. To provide adequate safe and secure facility to female victims of violence, gender-based violence as well as domestic violence and their children at any given time;

2. To provide a tailor-made therapeutic program for each and every service user;

3. To assist and support residents during court proceedings;

4. To offer psycho-social services such as counselling, therapy and support to our residents;

5. To offer psycho-social services to non-residents and / or ex- residents within our therapeutic area whenever possible;

6. To promote the re-integration of residents into the community, mainly through the re-empowerment of the women and / or by being referred to our Second Stage Accommodation Facility; Dar Santa Bakhita.

7. To promote reconciliation with self, with family—in whatever way possible or desirable with society and with God.

8. To help the residents find alternative accommodation and start a new life as and when necessary.

9. To enhance public awareness about the issue of Gender Based Violence and Domestic Violence.

10. To actively participate on all Local and International Platforms on the issue of Gender Based Violence and Domestic Violence.

11. To assist, follow up and provide basic necessities to families who have been / or are victims of violence across the island through our decentralized hubs; Sr. Joan Garner R.G.S. at St. Lucija (South Hub), Sr. Rosette Goggi R.G.S. at Mosta (North Hub), Dar Merhba Bik and Dar Santa Bakhita (Central Hub).

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