Malta Dyslexia Association

The objects of The Association are to advance the education of persons with a profile of SpLD/LD, which includes profiles such as dyslexia and dyscalculia, and in furtherance of such purposes, but no further or otherwise, The Association shall have the following powers and obligations which shall be processed and managed by the Executive Council, where final decisions shall rest with the Executive Council:
a. To procure and provide information to the public concerning Dyslexia and other profiles of SpLD/LD, such as Dyscalculia;
b. To arrange and provide for the holding of public exhibitions, meetings and lectures;
c. To advance professional practices and to promote and encourage research into Dyslexia and other profiles of SpLD/LD and disseminate the results thereof;
d. To assist educators and other professionals who wish to specialize in the field of Dyslexia and other profiles of SpLD/LD;
e. To support publishing of research papers in SpLD/LD;
f. To obtain, collect and receive monies and funds by way of contributions, donations, legacies, grants and other lawful methods, to accept and receive gifts of property of any description from any source;
g. To assist any charitable body or bodies financially or otherwise;
h. To co-operate with educational bodies to advance members’ standings;
i. To co-operate with related organizations locally and internationally, according to established law;
j. Anything not provided in this article, as well as the interpretation of the Statute, shall be vested in and decided by the Executive Council. A resolution at a General Meeting, adopted by a simple majority vote, of the number of paid-up members present, shall amend or rescind any such decision and/or interpretation;
k. Other aims, which originate from the afore-mentioned aims.

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Malta Dyslexia Association



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