Malta Motorsport Federation


a)        to maintain a national organization upholding the interests of its membership in all national and international matters concerning motor sport;

b)        to guard the individuality, autonomy and independence of its Members, whilst promoting safety and collaboration across all members;

c)        to encourage and promote interest in motor sport through education, enacting, interpreting and enforcing common rules applicable in all its forms throughout the territory of the Republic of Malta;

d)        to manage, organize, support or supervise national and/or international relations and/or events in all its forms and in all levels within the territory of Malta as it may deem fit and proper, and to administer, control and exercise discipline over such relations and/or events;

e)        to prevent the introduction of improper methods or practices in motorsport, to protect it from abuse and to punish those found guilty of having used improper methods or practices;

f)         to hold, administer, manage its own sports facilities and/or any other property needed by MMF to achieve its objectives;

g)        to enter into any agreement and/or any kind of partnership with other parties for the promotion and the development of motorsport and/or motorsport facilities in general both locally and abroad;

h)        to manage and raise funds and/or other assets of the Federation in an appropriate manner as it may determine;


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PO Box 30

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Il-Belt Valletta



Malta / Ghawdex


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Duncan Micallef





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