Malta PSD Association

The Association is independent, non-governmental, non-profit making and non-political. The purpose of the Association is the development and advancement of the theory, practice, education and research in Personal and Social Development (PSD). The Association also commits itself to maintain equality of opportunity and to ensure that there is no discrimination on the grounds of race, colour, nationality, religion, age, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation or disability.

(a) Work to uphold the interests and encourage the unity between all those involved in the delivery of PSD;
(b) Recognise the profession on its own merit;
(c) Establish standards and regulations;
(d) Set ethical standards by establishing a Code of Ethics for the profession;
(e) Advance the professional practice and encourage research and development in the field of PSD;
(f) Support publishing of research papers;
(g) Act as a support group for PSD teachers;
(h) Encourage activities and initiatives that are already related to PSD;
(i) Promote contemporary issues/topics related to PSD;
(j) Promote information on the delivery of PSD;
(k) Make PSD resources available to its members;
(l) Organise meetings, conferences, discussions, outings and other activities that are of interest to the members of the Association and their guests;
(m) Organise activities directly related to PSD for students and parents;
(n) Help in the distribution of books, videos, software and resources on the subject;
(o) Help in the production of material useful for the delivery of PSD;
(p) Co-operate with educational bodies to advance members’ standings;
(q) Co-operate with related organisations locally and internationally, according to established law;
(r) Monitor the practice of its members and the applications of the ethical codes of the profession;
(s) Anything not provided in this article, as well as the interpretation of the Statute, shall be vested in and decided by the Executive Council. Provided that a resolution of a General Meeting, adopted by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote, of the number of paid-up members present, shall amend or rescind any such decision and/or interpretation
(t) Other aims, which originate from the afore-mentioned aims.

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PSD Association PO Box 13 Malta International Airport

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LQA 4000

Malta / Ghawdex


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Rachel Zammit



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