Marsaskala Residents’ Network

The Organisation shall have the following objectives:

1. To raise public and political awareness on current and future construction developments that might have an adverse impact on the environment within the locality of Marsaskala and its surroundings; 

2. To provide a forum for bringing together members of the local community that share a common objective with Marsaskala Residents’ Network; 

3. Publish and prepare reports, monographs, films, case studies, in English and/or Maltese for defusing knowledge; 

4. Mobilise/organise and train/enable communities for collective actions to promote sustainable development, and to achieve it through promoting values of civil society;

5. Highlight issues of governance, related to sustainable development, through advocacy; 

6. Create awareness regarding environmental degradation and its adverse effect(s) on the well-being of the residents of Marsaskala and its surroundings; 

7. To promote and present the interests of the Organisation’s members to the notice of local administration and authorities; 

8. To raise funds by means of subscription of members or otherwise for all the purposes and objectives of the Organisation in such amounts and in such manner as may be authorised by the Executive Committee; 

9. Encouragement of members of the local community in environmental protection; 

10. To encourage and promote research on the impact(s) that current and future developments might have on the residents and the environment; 

11. To bring together individuals and other organisations with similar beliefs and interest to those of Marsaskala Residents’ Network; and

12. To do all that which is necessary, ancillary, incidental, or conducive to the legal attainment of the above objectives. 

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15, Imriekeb Street, Marsaskala MSK 3535

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MSK 3535

Malta / Ghawdex


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Dr Zachary Mifsud







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