NWAMI International Malta – Together for a brighter tomorrow

NWAMI International Malta also known by its acronym NIM, aims to promote intercultural dialogue and foster a spirit of friendship and social inclusion through art & culture community engagement activities and public education initiatives.

NWAMI stands for networking for world awareness of multicultural integration, which is important because it helps to promote understanding, respect, and cooperation among people from different cultures and backgrounds. Multicultural Integration is more than simply recognizing and acknowledging the diversity and differences prevalent in society. It is a complex, and challenging topic in the sense that there is a rapid increase of complexities of issues pertaining to the different social values and norms.

Through our public education and awareness initiatives we seek to address multicultural integration issues with the aim of turning challenges into opportunities.  Multicultural integration issues are challenges that arise when people from different cultures come together and interact with each other. These issues range from language barriers, differences in cultural norms and values, prejudice and discrimination, and social isolation. It can be difficult for people from different cultural backgrounds to communicate and understand each other, leading to misunderstandings and conflicts. However, with patience, understanding, and respect, multicultural integration can be achieved and can lead to a richer and more diverse society.

NWAMI International Malta’s objectives are:

1.            To bridge the gap between local, expat and migrant communities to bring about a better understanding of issues related to multicultural integration by actively fostering a spirit of friendship, inclusion, and social cohesion. This also includes the promotion of intercultural dialogue to address all forms of discrimination, including overt and covert racism, and hate crime.

2.            Promotion of local and international art and culture and sensitizing members of diverse communities to each other’s cultural values through our NIM Culture Cafés. public awareness initiatives, projects, and research

3.            Fostering community resilience and a spirit of friendship between and within communities with different socio- cultural and ethnic contexts and abilities.

4.            Fundraising activities by means of community engaging projects, sponsorships or otherwise for all the purposes and objectives of NWAMI International Malta in such amounts and in such manner as may be authorized by the NWAMI International Malta Executive Committee.

5.            Collaboration with any national/international organisation/s whose aims are similar to those of NWAMI International Malta.

6.            Encourage and promote relevant research and VO networking.

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