ORDINIS SANCTI LAZARI MELITENSIS FUNDATIO – Grand Priory of the Maltese Islands of the Military & Hospitaller Order of st Lazarus of Jerusalem

a) The main mission of the Foundation is to raise funds and accumulate other capital goods or assets, movable or immovable, for distribution, devolution, donation or use for consumption or enjoyment, to the benefit of (private or state) local and overseas charities, philanthropic bodies, and also any approved deserving individuals who, either themselves and/or members of their families, are poor, sick, injured, disabled, emarginated, suffering for any reason, or in any other way found to be in need of human comfort and support, and to organize, carry out, or participate in, activities and projects to generate assets for the above charitable and philanthropic purposes.

b) The Foundation also aims to practice and support the principles and values of Christianity while expecting the members of its Board of Administration to practice the Christian values of protecting and assisting the weak, helping the poor, the aged, the very young, the handicapped and the sick.

c) The Foundation is Voluntary, Non-political, Non-governmental and Non-profit making.

d) The Foundation further aims to offer or promote training and education in humanitarian activities such as first aid, care-giving services, rescue operations, or otherwise offer liaison and support for such activities when these are provided by a third party organization.

e) Furthermore, the Foundation shall give particular attention to the needs of victims of leprosy (Hansen’s Disease), always mindful of the inspiration it draws from the ancient tradition that has distinguished since early times the Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem [hereafter ‘the Order’].

f) Through its objective of being active in the charitable, philanthropic, health, cultural and educational fields the Foundation shall contribute to the achievement of the aims and principles of the United Nations Charter and the Statute of the Council of Europe, as well as to the Constitution and Bye-laws of the above-mentioned Order.

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Maltese Foundation of the Order of St. Lazarus



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NorthWynds, 7 Antonio Zammit Street

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GHR 2040

Malta / Ghawdex


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Prof. Charles Savona-Ventura


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