Teresa Nuzzo Foundation

4. The aims and purpose for which the Foundation is established are:

a) To strive to honour its commitment to assist, educate and form the minds of needy persons in society and in particular the marginalized persons within the community, in accordance with the charism and spirituality of the Congregation as consonant with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church;
b) To support the educational, health and social development projects of the Congregation both locally and abroad;
c) To meet the moral and educational needs of young people in Malta through the setting up and administration of day care centres and schools with a view of providing a holistic formation in accordance with the teachings of the Congregation.
d) To support, maintain and sustain materially and spiritually, the operation of a residential home for children of families with problems both locally in Malta and abroad;
e) To support and sustain materially and spiritually, needy and distressed families in Malta and abroad;
f) To receive any endowments or funds and to utilize such funds for the purposes of the Foundation;
g) To hold religious,cultural and social activities including but not limited to arranging and providing for the holding of exhibitions, meetings, lectures, classes, seminars and training courses;
h) To collect and disseminate information on all matters affecting the objects of the Foundation, including but not limited to, through the gratuitious circulation or otherwise of papers, books, periodicals, pamphlets, documents, films, recorded tapes and multimedia material in digital or other format as shall further the objects of the Foundation.
i) To raise funds, invite and receive contributions from any person or persons whatsoever by way of subscriptions or otherwise.
j) To employ and pay any person or persons to supervise, organize and carry out the work of the Foundation;

k) To hold any endowment of commercial property or shareholding in a profit-making enterprise, franchise, trademark or other asset which gives rise to income provided that it holds such assets only in passive ownership and for the purposes of the Foundation;
l) To delegate or enter into any agreement, collaboration or project with any other person, company or entity for the management of the assets of the foundation in order to achieve the abovementioned objectives and to protect the rights of the Foundation.

And to do anything conducive and ancillary to the attainment of the above, as shall be determined by the said Foundation.

Provided that the Foundation shall not promote any private interests and shall limit itself to the social purposes laid down in the statute of the Foundation.

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Convent of Saint Teresa, 100 George Borg Olivier Street, Mellieha, MLH 1021, Malta

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Malta / Ghawdex


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Sr. Pauline Farrugia







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