Voice of Planet 3

The objectives for which the network is established are:

The religious belief community is a free cultural and information society independent of any party and the the foundational aspects based on the 10 commandments with emphasis on 4 – 10.

It affirms the right to physical, mental, and spiritual integrity and freedom of religious, philosophical and spiritual expressions.

It shall aim at the dissemination, development and realization of these principles within the European Community and the International Organization.

It protects individuals or associated persons from any barrier which restricts or discriminates against their religious freedom;

In the perspective of the Association, the effective realization of freedom of religious belief, protecting both believers and non-believers, is an important element on the way to a peaceful and universal League of Nations.

With the approval of the Executive Board, national and supranational public may be established and representatives appointed in Malta, the EU and abroad. With the approval of the Assembly, the Headquarters may be changed without altering the Constitution.


Very human being has the right of inviolability of his body, mind and soul. No outside force – government, corporation, artificial intelligence (AI) or fellow human beings have the right to influence. This includes physical, psychological or mental interference.

Every person is free to decide which external influences he or she approves of and allows. These decisions are made on a case-by-case basis and cannot be generalized. Neither in relation to the individual nor in relation to the community.

Every person must be granted a place to meet with other members, to exchange ideas and to effectively support the association in its work. If there is no publicly accessible facility in the member’s country, the member may apply to the Executive Committee for the member’s home to be recognized as a meeting place until a public meeting place has been created in the member’s district. As well mobile vehicles (on land/water/air) – as long they are recognized by the council – are included. International coverage is aimed at.

Every person has the right to publicly practice and spread the confession of faith.

The association is a non-profit association and does not share profits or operating surpluses, even indirectly. All capital gains, if any, shall be used exclusively to achieve the purpose of the Association expressed thereby.

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