Youth Voluntary Work Scheme (YVWS)

YVWS logoSupport for Youth Voluntary Work Scheme is intended to achieve two main goals. 

The first goal is to help young people improve their skills and employment prospects by giving them an opportunity to take up volunteering as part of their formal and informal learning process.  It will also enable them to discover the value of voluntary service and helps to foster a sense of community and active citizenship. The second goal of the scheme is to support Voluntary Organisations in attracting young people to volunteering, enabling them to enhance their capacity with new volunteers and fresh ideas.

The  Youth Voluntary Work Scheme (YVWS) has now been up and running for the last year and, to enhance its goals, as from this year the YVWS will also be supporting voluntary experience abroad for young people through locally registered voluntary organisations to carry out international volunteer service in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and South America.

Voluntary Organisations enrolled with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations and are interested to participate and host young people under the Overseas Scheme, and have at least five years of experience in managing projects and volunteers overseas, may participate in this part of the scheme.

Applications both for Young Volunteers and for Host Voluntary Organisations are kept open throughout the year to give both young people and VOs the best possibility.

The updated YVWS Guidelines, inclusive of the Overseas part, can be found in the below link:

Youth Voluntary Work Scheme – Guidelines 16.07.2021

Those interested or wish to have more information please contact Ms. Elisabeth Grima on 22481137 or email