1-2-1 Mentoring for VO’s

Dear Voluntary Organisation,


The Sub Committee on Training, within the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector, has recently launched a training programme for VOs. The content and topics of these seminars are based on feedback from the VOs on what they feel they need support in, and the initial feedback from participants is very encouraging. We are therefore now extending our support to provide one to one mentoring by professionals in various fields of the VO Sector to your VO. We are suggesting topics that reflect the feedback we received from you in the past however we would like to provide an opportunity for you to extend the width of these topics, and would like to hear your views.


We expect the Enrolled VOs interested to be given a set number of hours for free from which to choose your required mentoring.  The amount of hours given for free will be stipulated when the service is launched and these will be on a first come first served basis. Should the VOs require extra hours of mentoring beyond the hours allocated, this can then be provided at reasonable fees.  This service will be extended also to non-Enrolled VOs for the same prices established for extra hours. The mentor will provide support directly within your VO and your management teams.


Once we have a clear indication of your required needs, we will then give you feedback on the topics and mentors available. Please give us feedback by not later than the 12th October 2012The following are the topics suggested however please add specific areas you feel are not included. [Please explain in your own words what you feel you require support in.]


Suggested topics:

Networking & partnering

Administration & Finance

Legal & Governance

Marketing & Public relations

Fundraising & Sustainability

Managing Human Resources


We appreciate your feedback so that we would be in a better position to support your organisations. For more information please contact us at your convenience.