Art for Voluntary Organisations

The Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector (MCVS) is launching an initiative to assist Voluntary Organizations in an awareness-raising initiative on the organization as well as fundraising. For this purpose Voluntary Organizations are invited to invite artists or photographers to exhibit their works in one of the Volunteer Centers in Valletta or Victoria, Malta. The commission of the artist or photographer goes to the same Voluntary Organizations.

Which Voluntary Organizations are Eligible?

Those Voluntary Organizations that are registered and ‘compliant’ with the Commissioner of Volunteering.

Each Voluntary Organization may have up to one exhibition per calendar year dedicated to it.

Who is eligible to exhibit?

Any visual artist may exhibit pieces of art, from painting, sculpture, installations, photography and other approved media.

Exhibition Location

Exhibitions can be put up in the spaces available in both the Valletta and Rabat, Malta Volunteer Centres.


Artists and Voluntary Organisations may contact MCVS to show interest in this initiative.


Guidelines Art for VOs

Linji Gwida Arti ghall-Organizzazzjonijiet Volontari