VERA Research Project – request for VO participation

The Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector will be part taking in the VERA project, a European research project financed by the Centre for European Volunteering (CEV) to identify all the discriminating factors which hinder the involvement of volunteers in the voluntary sector.

This research is aimed to determine;

  • The diversity within the voluntary sector
  • The structural factors which limit involvement of volunteers based on their race, sex, ethnicity etc
  • The policies and governmental limitations which hinder involvement of volunteers.

This research will aid MCVS to put forward new proposals to aid the growth and development of a more inclusive and supportive voluntary sector. More information can be found in the link HERE;

In an effort to attain the required information whilst implementing ethical methodology we are requesting voluntary organisations to give us their permission to be involved in the research. Voluntary organisations may choose to be involved with the following:
➢ Dissemination of surveys to volunteers involved within their organisation
➢ Participation in a Voluntary organisation survey aimed at VO administrators
➢ Participation of VO admins in Focus Group
➢ Participation of volunteers in Focus Group

Your participation and involvement are essential to the success of this project. Your collaboration is highly appreciated. Full details to participate HERE.