Volunteer Video Summer Contest

MCVS is organising a summer video contest to celebrate volunteering! 

Film yourself telling us about your experience within a particular Voluntary Organisation, what you learnt and how, what you do, and how the VO benefits our society! If you have footage from your own volunteering experience, include the video as well. The more creative and original, the better!

More information and to submit your videos HERE (through google form).

Terms and conditions of contest:

The Competition is open to everyone who contributes or forms part of a Voluntary Organisation (VO) in Malta, including MCVS volunteers part of Voluntiera Malta, YVS and/or any other MCVS project or services. The subject matter for this competition may be individuals, group, events and anything related to volunteering falling under any and all of the following Volunteering Sectors: Social, Humanitarian, Environment, Animal Welfare, Education, Youth, Sports, Arts, Culture, Health and Disability.

– Participants are to be 16 years of age or older on the closing date of submissions.
– Deadline for form submissions: noon of Wednesday 20th September 2023.
– Video specs: minimum size 1080×1920 pixels (HD), not less than 20 seconds and not more than 1 minute, and filmed portrait / vertical. Both image and sound should be of good enough quality for social media. Selfie videos are accepted.

– Voice-over speech has to be in either Maltese or English language.
– Entries are to be submitted through the form below only.
– No submissions will be accepted through any other means or after the closing date and time.
– No plagiarism is allowed and that by entering into the competition you are declaring that the video was filming by yourself and you giving the rights to MCVS to post the video on social media. Videos already published on television/online will not be accepted.

– Each person is allowed one entry and each VO a maximum of 3 entries.

– Volunteers part of Voluntiera Malta, Youth Voluntary Service, European Solidarity Corps and other volunteers through MCVS services are all eligible to apply – in this case, if the volunteer is not part of a VO, they will be asked to choose one in advance (through the application below) for the awarding of the prize.

– All submissions need to be endorsed by the VO and will be verified with VO by MCVS before publishing on Facebook.
– Following an eligibility process to confirm that the content is related to the subject matter of the contest and video specs, entries will be posted on MCVS social media tagging respective VO.

– Videos may start being posted on MCVS Facebook page as from Monday 11th September (before the deadline) to incentivise early submission of videos.
– Posted video with most ‘Likes’ by a date declared by MCVS when publishing the videos, will be declared the winner.

– Important: Valid ‘likes’ are those on the original video published on the MCVS Facebook page ONLY.
– Winner and respective VO will be published on the MCVS website maltacvs.org and social media. A physical public relations event might be announced for the winners to be awarded the prize, with a press release, photographs and video issues for all media to announce the winners publicly.

– The VO accepting the prize has to be enrolled with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations in Malta and will be checked with the Office of the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations to confirm compliance.

– Applicants and respective VOs who submit videos are agreeing with all terms and conditions as issued by MCVS.

– N.B. For the purpose of the contest, ‘Like’ is the total of number reactions to the video including the thumbs-up, Love and Care.

– MCVS shall be awarding the following prize to the winner:

1) Winning VO will be awarded €5,000 to undertake a project within the community. This project will be subject to specified funding terms of implementation and presentation of reporting and documentation to ensure transparency and accountability.

2) Winning volunteer who posted the video will be awarded a €200 One4all Gift Voucher.

For more information or for any queries please send an email to antonio.olivari.1@gov.mt or call 2248 1110/4.