Youth Voluntary Work Scheme 2015 – Application for Host VOs and Young Volunteers

Youth Voluntary Work Scheme 2015

The Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector has issued the call for application for Voluntary Organisations to host Youth Volunteers under the Youth Voluntary Work Scheme. The scheme is managed by the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector in collaboration with Aġenzija Żgħażagħ.

The first goal is to help young people improve their skills and employment prospects by giving them an opportunity to take up volunteering as part of their formal and informal learning process.  It will also enable them to discover the value of voluntary service and helps to foster a sense of community and active citizenship.

The second goal of the scheme is to support Voluntary Organisations in attracting young people to volunteering, enabling them to enhance their capacity with new volunteers and fresh ideas. This guide is intended to help Voluntary Organisations obtain Support for Youth Voluntary Work Scheme accreditation.

Deadline for Applications for VOs to host Youth Volunteers

Calls for application for Accreditation to become Host Voluntary Organisation shall be issued regularly for Youth Volunteer placements, where Voluntary Organisations must submit the amount of Youth Volunteers being requested and the type of voluntary work these volunteers will be engaged in.

Voluntary Organisations can submit their Accreditation Application (AA) to become Host Voluntary Organisations at any point in time to be considered for accreditation which call will be kept open throughout the rest of the calendar year.

Voluntary Organisation may apply to host up to three (3) Youth Volunteers at a go. Should a Voluntary Organisation wish to host more than three (3) Youth Volunteers, they may express such interest and would be considered should there be a number of Youth Volunteers who still need placement following the take up by other Voluntary Organisations or should there be a number of Youth Volunteers who would specifically wish to work in that particular sector.

Once approved, accreditation is valid for one calendar year, though the MCVS reserves the right to revoke the accreditation during the agreed period should there be reasonable grounds to act in such a manner. An accredited Host Voluntary Organisation must renew its interest to participate in the Scheme in each new calendar year.

Call for Application of Youth Volunteer Workers

Young Persons between the ages of 17-30 can apply for placement under the Youth Volunteer Worker Scheme. The placement under this Scheme shall be to undertake unpaid and full-time voluntary service for a period of 1 to 12 months with a local Voluntary Organisation.


A call for Application for Placement under this Scheme for Youth Volunteers shall be issued in May of each calendar year.

Youth Volunteers are given the opportunity to choose from the approved placements provided by the Accredited Host VOs. The selection of the Youth Volunteers shall be carried out by the Evaluation Committee composed of the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector and Aġenzija Żgħażagħ which will evaluate all applications according to a set of established evaluation criteria. As a result of the evaluation all applications are place in a ranking list and Youth Volunteers will be placed in their preferred VO according to the availability.


For more information visit the Youth Voluntary Work Scheme – Guidelines (F2)

The Application to Host Youth Volunteers on the Youth Voluntary Work Scheme and for Young Volunteers should be filled online ithrough the following link:

Voluntary Organisations eligible to participate in the Scheme

Voluntary Organisations enrolled with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations are eligible to participate and host young people under this Scheme. The hosting Voluntary Organisation is responsible for:

  • Training and managing the Youth Volunteers, envisaging tasks and activities for volunteers that respect the qualitative principles set in the Youth Voluntary Work Charter;
  • Monitor and support  the Youth Volunteers, especially those working in Voluntary Organisations in the areas of Health, Social and Humanitarian;
  • Provide an adequate and safe working environment to Young Volunteers according to loacal Health and Safety regulations and other work related legislations;

The participation in the Scheme must be free of charge for Youth Volunteers, with the exception of travel costs to and from the Voluntary Organisation.

The following activities are not considered as Youth Voluntary Work Scheme:

  • occasional, unstructured, part-time volunteering;
  • a work placement in an enterprise;
  • a paid job;
  • a recreation or tourist activity;