PRESS CONFERENCE – ‘MCVS position on the Impact of the Public Collections and Charity Shops Regulations on Voluntary Organisations’

The Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector organised a Press Conference addressing the ‘MCVS
position on the Impact of the Public Collections and Charity Shops Regulations on Voluntary
Organisations’. This was addressed by Dr. Noel Camilleri, Chairperson MCVS, and Mr. Robert Farrugia,
Deputy Chairperson MCVS.

The Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector, which represents the Voluntary Organizations, needs to
be consulted by policy makers and authorities on issues affecting the Voluntary Sector as established
in the National Strategy for Volunteering signed with the Government and committing all public
entities. The Strategy stresses that there should be “(a) opportunities for ongoing discussion between
Voluntary Organizations and the interests of volunteering and Government Departments to foster
early understanding and involvement in the development of politics” and that there are “(b)
consultation arrangements that normally allow adequate time for wider consultation with networks
and service users.” (Representation – 06, page 17).

It was unfortunate that the Council was presented with the proposed regulations days prior to their
being tabled in Parliament where it requested that these are withheld, and consultation undertaken.
In this brief period the Council could not initiate any level of real consultation with the Sector, which
consultation would have supported the Council’s position on its proposals for amendments. In this
respect the Council issued a statement informing the Sector of the situation.

In the absence of consultation on the two regulations, the Council took the initiative to initiate the
discussion with the Voluntary Organisations requesting their feedback on the same regulations and
facilitating replies to their queries by the Office of the Commissioner for VOs.

The Council on behalf of the 2000+ VO’s enrolled with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organizations
is asking the Legislator to suspend the two regulations with immediate effect, receive the Council
Report addressing the issues brought up by the Sector, and initiate consultation in its true meaning to
address concerns raised by the Voluntary Sector in recognition of the sterling work they undertake in
the various aspects of life in our community