Call for youth volunteers – project CLIVE

The Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector is currently looking for youth volunteers to be part of project CLIVE (Combatting Loneliness & Isolation with Volunteers in Europe); a project funded by the European Solidarity Corps Programme which involves the following countries – Malta, Italy, Poland, Belgium and Portugal. The aim of this project is to reverse the negative effects that prolonged isolation has had on social cohesion and people’s mental health.

Malta project:

Dates: 24th May – 6th June 2023

Eligible volunteers: Youths aged between 18 and 30

Target group: the elderly

Activities: Volunteers will be organising a number of workshops related to the use of technology (e.g. how to order groceries online/how to use WhatsApp or Skype) combined with music and art workshops which will promote active ageing.

Costs: Accommodation and food expenses will be covered (Maltese volunteers can choose to return home at the end of each day) + €5 pocket money is provided daily

Application: Interested participants are to apply by including a short motivation letter and their CV here:

Participants can also decide to participate in project CLIVE in the other partnering countries. Please find below the links to learn more about each country’s activities and to apply:

Deadline for applications for Malta and Belgium projects is 10th March 2023.

In case of any queries, kindly send an email on