Malta Integration Network – Call for Particpants

aditus foundation is welcoming interested parties from the MIGRANT, ACADEMIC and CIVIL SOCIETY communities wishing to participate in our Multifunctional Team Meetings, as part of the ‘Malta Integration Network’ Project. The Team Meetings will be composed of representatives from government, academia, civil society and the migrant communities and will have a rotation of members according to thematic interest.

The upcoming meetings will focus on the following topics:

i. Family Reunion

ii. Education

iii. Political Participation

iv. Long Term Residence

v. Access to Nationality

If YOU are interested in participating in discussions relating to any of the above mentioned themes please contact Dr. Carla Camilleri, Project Researcher, on

The ‘Malta Integration Network’ Project is a project spanning over one year and aimed at producing concrete and inclusive recommendations on how to maximise the success of various stages of the integration process of Third Country Nationals (excluding beneficiaries of international protection). Visit our Project Page: