2012 Car Free Day Competition: Moving in the right direction!


To organise activities on Car Free Day, Sunday 16th September 2012

1. Background

The European Mobility Week, observed from 16th to 22nd September annually is a Europe- wide awareness raising campaign aimed at promoting the use of public transport, cycling, walking and encouraging people to reduce their reliance on cars as a primary mode of transport. This year’s campaign theme is “Moving in the right direction!”, which represents momentum to encourage European cities to adopt more sustainable urban mobility measures, reduce their environmental footprint and to encourage citizens in following healthier and more environmentally friendly mobility patterns.

Building on the success of last year’s car free day campaign, Malta is also participating in this year’s initiative. The public transport reform implemented last year, the adoption of the National Environment Policy and a number of other recent environmental initiatives present a good opportunity to maintain momentum towards a healthier environment.

As was the case last year, for the purpose of coordinating preparations in the run-up to the campaign, an inter-ministerial committee consisting of the representatives of key Government ministries and authorities has been formed.

2. Objectives of the campaign

The proposed campaign pursues the following key objectives:

  1. Promote the new public transport system as a convenient and environmentally friendlier form of transportation, and as a viable alternative to private cars
  2. Instil an awareness of the negative effects of excessive dependence on car transportation and encourage a shift in public attitudes towards alternative forms of mobility
  3. Demonstrate that reduction in car traffic as a result of the campaign brings about tangible benefits in terms of air quality, reduction of noise pollution and congestion, amongst other

3. Key messages of the campaign

In order to deliver the above objectives, the campaign will project the following key messages:

  1. It is possible to move around without cars and enjoy it!
  2. One can have more fun with one thing less to worry about – cars
  3. Public transport is a viable alternative to private cars.  It could be cleaner, cheaper, faster, and more convenient
  1. Air pollution is one of the key public concerns. Cars are a major source of air pollution. No cars – cleaner air, less noise

4. Car free day

This year’s Car Free Day will take place on Sunday 16th September between 0900 and 1800. During this time, the following will take place:

  1. Several town centres in participating localities will be closed for all vehicular traffic, except for public transport, tourism vehicles, taxis and emergency services.


  1. Participating localities, NGOs and other entities will organise a series of sport, cultural and artistic activities in the areas reclaimed from traffic to promote campaign messages.
  1. The above activities will be publicised and advertised in the press.

5. Call for proposals


The Car Free Day Preparatory Committee invites all registered Voluntary Organisations to submit proposals for activities that may be organised on Sunday 16th September. The scope of the activities may include, amongst other:


  • Sporting events related to the promotion of car-free sustainable mobility (walking, cycling, running etc)
  • Cultural and artistic events (concerts, exhibitions, artistic installations, etc) related to Car Free Day theme
  • Recreational activities for families
  • Activities involving children and youths
  • Other activities related to Car Free Day, whose main purpose is to promote the objectives and messages of the campaign

6. Submission requirements

Voluntary Organisations are invited to submit a brief description of the proposed activity / activities using the form enclosed in Annex 1 to this Call for Proposals.

The proposals are to be submitted in digital formal (Word document) via email to sergei.a.golovkin@gov.mt before noon on Monday 16th July. Proposals received after this deadline will not be considered for sponsorship.

Important note: Closure of public roads and any proposed diversions of traffic must be approved by Transport Malta and the Police. NGOs planning such road closures are required to apply to Transport Malta (Mr. Domenic Vella; email: domenic.vella@transport.gov.mt; tel: 25563474) and to the respective Local Council with a notification of which roads will be closed and how the traffic will be diverted by Tuesday, 31st July 2012. In implementing road closures and traffic diversions, the NGOs are responsible for observing the relevant regulations and ensuring public safety at all times.

7. Sponsorship award

The Car free Day Preparatory Committee together with the MEPA Board, which authorised the sponsorship will evaluate the proposals with respect to the following criteria:

  1. Relevance and impact of the proposed activities vis a vis the objectives and messages of the Car Free Day
  2. Quality of the proposal in terms of whether it is well developed, whether all relevant aspects have been considered, relevant resources identified, etc

Five best proposals will be awarded a sponsorship of €2,000 each. The award will be announced early in August. Information about the award-winning activities will be included in the Government media campaign preceding the Car Free Day.