COVID – 19 BULLETIN issued by DOI

COVID-19 Bulletin issued by the Departmemt of Information (DOI) Malta:

ISSUE 01_ENG   12032020 

ISSUE 02_ENG   13032020      ISSUE 02_MLT 13032020

ISSUE 03_ENG_14032020      ISSUE 03_MLT_14032020

ISSUE 04_ENG_15032020      ISSUE 04_MLT_15032020

ISSUE 05_ENG_16032020      ISSUE 05_MLT_16032020

ISSUE 06_ENG_17032020      ISSUE 06_MLT_17032020

ISSUE 07_ENG_18032020      ISSUE 07_MLT_18032020

ISSUE 08_ENG_19032020      ISSUE 08_MLT_19032020

ISSUE 09_ENG_20032020      ISSUE 09_MLT_20032020

ISSUE 10_ENG_21032020      ISSUE10_MLT_21032020

ISSUE 11_ENG_22032020      ISSUE 11_MLT_22032020

ISSUE 12_ENG_23032020      ISSUE 12_MLT_23032020

ISSUE 13_ENG_24032020      ISSUE 13_MLT_24032020

ISSUE 14  ENG   25032020       ISSUE 14  MLT  25032020

ISSUE 15_ENG_26032020       ISSUE 15_MLT_26032020

ISSUE 16_ENG_27032020       ISSUE 16_MLT_27032020

ISSUE 17_ENG_28032020       ISSUE 17_MLT_28032020

ISSUE 18_ENG_29032020      ISSUE 18_MLT_29032020

ISSUE 19_ENG_30032020      ISSUE 19_MLT_30032020

ISSUE 20_ENG_31032020      ISSUE 20_MLT_31032020

ISSUE 21_ENG_01042020       ISSUE 21_MLT_01042020

ISSUE 22_ENG_02042020      ISSUE 22_MLT_02042020

ISSUE 23_ENG_03042020      ISSUE 23_MLT_03042020

ISSUE 24_ENG_04042020      ISSUE 24_MLT_04042020

ISSUE 25_ENG_05042020      ISSUE 25_MLT_05042020

ISSUE 26_ENG_06042020      ISSUE 26_MLT_06042020

ISSUE 27_ENG_07042020      ISSUE  27_MLT_07042020

ISSUE 28_ENG_08042020     ISSUE 28_MLT_08042020

ISSUE 29_ENG   09042020     ISSUE 29_MLT   09042020

ISSUE 30_ENG_10042020      ISSUE 30_MLT_10042020

ISSUE 31_ENG_11042020        ISSUE 31_MLT_11042020

ISSUE 32_ENG_12042020       ISSUE 32_MLT_12042020

ISSUE 33_ENG_13042020       ISSUE 33_MLT_13042020

ISSUE 34_ENG_14042020       ISSUE 34_MLT_14042020

ISSUE 35_ENG_15042020       ISSUE 35_MLT_15042020

ISSUE 36_ENG_16042020       ISSUE 36_MLT_16042020

ISSUE 37_ENG   19042020       ISSUE 37_MLT   10042020

ISSUE 38_ENG_18042020       ISSUE 38_MLT_18042020

ISSUE 39_ENG_19042020       ISSUE 39_MLT_19042020

ISSUE 40_ENG_20042020      ISSUE 40_MLT_20042020

ISSUE 41_ENG    21042020      ISSUE 41_MLT   21042020

ISSUE 42_ENG_22042020      ISSUE 42_MLT_22042020

ISSUE 43_ENG_23042020      ISSUE 43_MLT_23042020

ISSUE 44_ENG_24042020      ISSUE 44_MLT_24042020

ISSUE 45_ENG   25042020      ISSUE45_MLT    25042020

ISSUE 46_ENG_26042020      ISSUE 46_MLT_26042020

ISSUE 47_ENG_27042020       ISSUE 47_MLT_27042020

ISSUE 48_ENG_28042020       ISSUE 48_MLT_28042020

ISSUE 49_ENG_29042020       ISSUE 49_MLT_29042020

ISSUE 50_ENG_30042020       ISSUE 50_MLT_30042020

ISSUE 51_ENG_01052020         ISSUE 51_MLT_01052020

ISSUE 52_ENG_02052020        ISSUE 52_MLT_02052020

ISSUE 53_ENG_03052020        ISSUE 53_MLT_03052020

ISSUE 54_ENG_04052020        ISSUE 54_MLT_04052020

ISSUE 55_ENG_05052020        ISSUE 55_MLT_05052020

ISSUE 56_ENG_06052020        ISSUE 56_MLT_06052020

ISSUE 57_ENG_07052020        ISSUE 57_MLT_07052020

ISSUE 58_ENG_08052020        ISSUE 58_MLT_08052020

ISSUE 59_ENG_09052020        ISSUE 59_MLT_09052020

ISSUE 60_ENG_10052020        ISSUE 60_MLT_10052020

ISSUE 61_ENG_11052020          ISSUE 61_MLT_11052020

ISSUE 64_ENG_14052020         ISSUE 64_MLT_14052020

ISSUE 65_ENG                              ISSUE 65_MLT

ISSUE 66_ENG                              ISSUE 66_MLT

ISSUE 68_ENG                              ISSUE 68_MLT

ISSUE 69_ENG                              ISSUE 69_MLT

ISSUE 70_ENG                              ISSUE 70_MLT

ISSUE 71_ENG                               ISSUE 71_MLT